A carefree and lighthearted attitude towards life definitely makes it more enjoyable, but many of us have difficulties finding that inner light and guiding it outward. Leaving work at work is one of the many ways to ensure that you have ample time for play. A balanced life is a happy one!
When work takes over our lives, that increases stress and decreases enjoyment and creativity. Having a creative outlet can make you feel like a child at heart. And who doesn’t love feeling silly and free? Find a way to express yourself and your creativity today!


Tapping into your creativity gives you a chance to play and can reduce stress. Whether you start up a new hobby or revisit something from childhood, get out and get creative!


When you’re engaged in an activity with others it can open a whole new social circle. Finding people who share your interests helps give a sense of belonging and community.


Sometimes spending money on experiences is way more fulfilling than any material possesion. So get out there and rack up those unforgettable experiences!