Being happy sounds pretty easy, but for many it can be a challenge. Learn how to take care of yourself and increase your happiness with TIFF. There are tried and true ways to live a happier and healthier life but those ways vary for each individual. Find your true happiness and watch how the rest of your life falls into place.
Your unique life path will never be identical to anyone else’s, but luckily, there are so many paths to happiness. It may not be easy, but the resources here are a start to get your well on your way to finding your own personal bliss.

inner self

When you’re happy on the inside it shines brightly on the outside. Learn how to pamper your inner self so that your inner light excudes from you naturally.


Maintaining motivation is an obstacle faced by many. Learn how to create and maintain motivation for a happy and successful life.


The connections you have with your family, friends and community all contribute to happiness. Having strong, unwavering connections means you always have people cheering for you.