When you have freedom in your life, you instantly feel secure, blissful and confident in the path you’re on. Surrounding yourself with supportive people also ensures that you maintain your freedom. Providing that sense of security in personal freedom for your loved ones is another skill that is rewarding all around.

TIFF is currently looking for life coaches, mentors, and writers to provide content for our website, app and online courses. Below is a sample of online articles we found that are appealing to our audience.

How to Create Freedom in Your Life

Kimanzi Constable had a life changing event that encouraged a drastic, yet necessary change.  It’s important to live the life you want and not settle or become complacent. Constable offers great ideas and personal advice for obtaining your own personal freedom. 

Be True to Yourself!

It’s so easy to go about life trying to please others and act in a way that might not be true to who you are. In order to live a life full of freedom, it’s important to know who you are and stay true to your true self regardless of what society dictates.

This is How You Lose Yourself

It’s so easy to lose focus and motivation to finding your personal freedom. Sometimes you may not even know where it went or what changed. Heidi Priebe shows us what happens so that you can change your behavior and get back to being the truest form of you.

Take the 'I'm Sorry' Challenge!

Intuitive coach Kimberly Berg suggests that trying to express yourself more accurately can lead to an improved sense of personal freedom. Are your words truly representing what you want to say? How can you be more direct? Practice makes perfect!