Are you ready to become the HERO of your own story?

Transformational Experience

Are you ready to write the script of your life?

TIFF was created for leaders and CEO’s who are tired of the stress and the status quo and are ready to become the HERO of their own story.
TIFF is for revolutionaries who want to become evolutionaries!
TIFF is for those who want to have the most impact on the world with their one precious life. It is for trailblazers who crave a life of purpose, love, joy and abundance and know they need kind and compassionate support from wisdom keepers and healers to be the best they can be. They know it takes a village to help them on the path of evolution and they are ready to commit to what it takes to move forward in life breaking through old paradigms and landing in fields of grace, opportunity and success.
If this speaks to you and your life journey, we want to help.
To meet your unique needs as the rare and special human that you are, we built a customized program that helps you transform your life into the one you have envisioned for yourself but has not come to pass yet for various reasons you haven’t been able to surpass.
TIFF founder, Tiffany Joy Basse, is a serial entrepreneur and venture-backed CEO who understands the hero’s journey firsthand. She knows deep down the challenges that leaders face and has parlayed that wisdom into a coaching program like no other.
Tiffany Joy Basse, along with your TIFF trained personal transformation experts, will design a customized THRIVE PLAN aligned with your values, goals and mission in life. They also will support you with one-on-one calls, emails, group calls, online classes and in-person retreats.
Your village is alive, ready and willing to support you on your hero’s journey. All you have to do is step up to the challenge and begin.
Transformation   Inspiration   Freedom   Fun

Your TIFF TEAM will guide you through your own custom TRANSFORMATION process and INSPIRE you to live your best life at work and at home, while FREEING you from old habits, outdated paradigms and obstacles preventing your growth – all while also motivating you to have FUN in your life!

Your TIFF TEAM guides you AND keeps you on course.
You will receive a personalized THRIVE PLAN and an accountability system that helps you stay committed to achieving your new habits and goals. We also provide references to the best transformation content from a variety of sources that will educate and inspire you to stay on your path to your new improved life.
Below are just some of the topics included in your THRIVE PLAN that are outside your business goals. We have curated hundreds of the best articles on these subjects. Take your time to browse through them and expand your mind, body and spirit.
TIFF Founder Tiffany Joy Basse
In addition to your on-on-one time with Tiffany, she also leads TIFF group coaching calls each month, produces 2 online classes a year and hosts retreats in beautiful places around the world.

Tiffany is a socially conscious entrepreneur whose mission is to help people THRIVE. She is the Managing Director of the impact venture capital fund OM Fund, the co-founder of the well-being app Liferise and the former CEO of financial empowerment company

As a way to give back, Tiffany also volunteers her time as a business, life and well-being coach for first-time women-led conscious startups that help people or the planet. She has spent a lifetime expanding her personal transformation skills and has extensive training and certifications in many different methodologies in the healing arts and has developed a successful well-being coaching style.
Tiffany started her first company right after graduate school at age 27. It used to be hosted on this domain and her friends affectionately nicknamed her Tiffdotcom. It was an internet technology consulting business with Fortune 100 clients such as: AOL, Sun, Bechtel, Xerox and Microsoft.
Her next business was venture backed with millions of dollars. It was a financial empowerment company – She and her team of 100 employees and contractors built the 1,000 page website and financial toolset that educated millions of women on personal finance and helped them manage their finances. Tiffany and her team also designed built the Wells Fargo Website and financial education center, which reached 10 million banking customers.
At her third company, Thrive Media, she produced five TV pilots of uplifting well-being shows and created a life-affirming brand that she sold to Viacom in 2007. Her company StartupTV interviewed billionaires on their success tips for first-time entrepreneurs in her StartupGO program. Her next startups, StartupGo and Floripatech, incubated and advised some of the most successful Brazilian tech startups when she lived in Brazil.

For 20 years, Tiffany has been on the board of Astia, which has helped women entrepreneurs raise over $2B in business funding. She also helps screen startups for their $100M venture fund. Her company was the first company incubated at Astia.

Her businesses have impacted the lives of millions of people and she hopes to empower even more throughout the years. She has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, TIME, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and CNN. She was also a frequent guest on TechTV, had a Sony radio show on money and her writing has appeared on Disney’s and ABCNews. Based on her early life success, Tiffany was asked to be a featured writer in the book How to Succeed and Have it All.
Start pursuing your dreams and THRIVE!
Talk to us about our standard coaching plans or we can design a custom program for you based on your unique needs.
CEO Plan – $25,000 per Year
  • Bi-Monthly 90-minute life strategy calls with Tiffany
  • Daylong one-on-one special retreat with Tiffany
  • Monthly group coaching call with Tiffany Joy Basse
  • 2 online classes with Tiffany in one year
  • Weekly email support from Tiffany
  • Weekly email support from TIFF trained coach
  • Personalized THRIVE PLAN
  • Hawaii retreat included
* Inquire about payment options.
Diamond Plan – $199 per month*
  • Monthly group coaching call with Tiffany Joy Basse
  • 2 online classes with Tiffany in one year
  • 1 hour kickoff call with Tiffany
  • Monthly email support from Tiffany
  • Weekly email support from TIFF trained coach
  • Personalized THRIVE PLAN
  • Weekend Abundance Retreat included
*All 12 months billed in advance as one payment of $2388
Platinum Plan – $99 per month*
  • Monthly group coaching call with Tiffany Joy Basse
  • 2 online classes with Tiffany in one year
  • 1 hour kickoff call with your TIFF trained coach
  • Weekly email support from TIFF trained coach
  • Personalized THRIVE PLAN
*All 12 months billed in advance as one payment of $1188
**If you are not satisfied with any of our plans, we will provide a refund within first 30 days.

Start a Daily Mindfulness Practice

Download the Liferise App co-created by Tiffany Joy Basse and explore hundreds of mindfulness and well-being resources that will improve your mood, mindset and life mastery

There is no better way to kick off optimal living into high gear than through meditation. It helps leaders free the busy mind from relentless habitual thought patterns that hold one back from living their best life. In fact, it is the cornerstone to a thriving life so get started today!
You will learn to empty the metaphorical cup of your mind, so you can allow in more intuitive wisdom, inner guidance and compassion for yourself. What CEO doesn’t need that?
Liferise has relaxing and peaceful music you can listen to while you focus, work or study for optimal performance. You can custom build your own soundscape with soothing musical instruments, healing sounds, and nature sounds like ocean and birds that appeal to your unique style and have the greatest positive impact.
It is also an excellent resource to help you wind down after a busy day and drift off into a blissful night of sleep. In fact, most listeners use it to help them sleep. Liferise also has fun and entertaining ways to view your life through a different lens such as astrology, earth wisdom or daily affirmations. It is always good to step out of your own box- your own viewpoint – and look at your life from another perspective even if it’s just for fun.